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Eye Health And Vision Care


We at Sardiwalla Optometrists believe great eye care should be attainable and affordable; This vision is reflected in the way we choose our state-of-the-art equipment and the affordable pricing structures we adopt. which is simply, Eye Care for You.

Comprehensive Eye Examination

An annual eye exam at our clinic involves up to date diagnostic techniques and technologies.

Children Eye Examination

Routine eye examinations in children are essential to ensure that eye diseases and vision problems

Drivers Licence Tests

 Avoid the queues at the licensing department! Let us take care of your eye test, and we’ll provide you with the certificate

Fundus Examination

We use a fundus camera to take pictures of different areas of your retina. This allows us to view a much larger area in detail

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Two Convenient Locations for best eye-care!

Ladysmith: 036 637 3650
Estcourt: 036 352 1563

We care about your vision more than you do and want everyone to experience the joy of clear vision.


Everybody Deserves To See The World Clearly.


At Sardiwalla Optometrist, we pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of quality service by utilizing the latest technology and instruments.

Our goal is to help you see your best, look your best and feel your best.
We aim to be your complete eye-care provider
Committed to the general health of your eyes
Complete Satisfaction to maintain a life-long relationship.

Your Vision. Our Focus.

Why Choose an Independent Optometrist?

A trusted independent optometrist that gets to know you and your eye health over an extended time can be far more beneficial for you. 

Best Eyecare

Contact Lenses

We can perform the necessary contact lens exams to make sure you receive the right lenses for your needs. We also stock and supply for your needs at any moment.

Dry Eye Assessments

Dry eye is a common condition where the eye does not maintain a healthy tear film which can result in discomfort and possibly a reduction in vision. Proper treatment can result in more comfort. 


We offer a wide range of branded eyewear and budget frames to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on recommending the best spectacles available.


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